ArdWay (Arduino+Segway)

Since some time I've being designing my version of the famous Segway using an Arduino Uno. 

After some internet research, I decided to use 2 wheelchair motors, an accelerometer/gyro, motor control unit with 30A rating and two 12V batteries.

Purchased Parts

- 2x Motor DC - bought on ebay

-IMU 5 Degrees of Freedom IDG500/ADXL335 - IMU Analog Combo Board - 5 DOF

- Motor Controller - Sabertooth 2x25A

- 2x 12V Lead batteries 18Ah

- 2x Scooter Wheels



My first designs drafts were something for or less like this.


Design 1.1


Design 1


Building the base


Base 1


Base 2


Base 3


Base 4


Direction Bar

I choose on building a directional bar that allows the ArdWay to turn.

The system consisted on a spring mechanism attached to the potentiometer.

                        Anel de Direcção   Detalhe Potenciometro Direcção  


Barra Direcção



ArdWay 1


ArdWay 2



I've designed a standalone circuit in order not to use an Arduino board. This was the electronics schematic that I used to make everything running.

Circuito electrico 2 


Circuito electrico 3


The circuit using an Arduino Uno looks more or less like this:

Circuito electrico 1


You can download the code that I used were (Arduino IDE v1.5).

The man base is the code developed by JD Waren of Prototype Robotics, do not forget to spot by is page to check for more useful information about this project. 


test drive